Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Busy

I had a crazy busy pressured week, I know typical but its starting to wear on me. Friday I had my annual physical exam and it was not very uplifting which validated my feelings that the appointment I made regarding bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the right way to go for me to get my self "balanced" I then went on to our monthly happy hour.

This year I know that time with my friends and family is what will also make me feel balanced. I cant keep working 60 hours a week and feel good. (yes i know i need to exercise some time but first things first) A little time with the girls and yummy food at Cafe med was just what I needed. I then had a scrappin sleepover with my friend Nancy who needs quiet time as she is a busy mom of three. Richard is gone all weekend on a goose hunting trip so I had the house to myself. We stayed up to midnight got up early and got many of the projects Nancy needed to catch up on done. I also kept up my project 365. After Nancy went home Rachel and I went to Target, then PF Chang's and then to see the Disney movie tangled which was SO GOOD!!!!!!! I came home and scrapped two more hours and then had a great night sleep!!!!!!! Today I have more on my plate and probably wont get it all done, but fun is my goal today. Happy Sunday everyone.!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

It sounds like you've had a great weekend so far. Food, drinks, friends and scrapp'n. Perfect! Enjoy!!