Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well I got everything finished on my list BUT watching inception. Richie did not want to and I am told you have to pay attention and if I am in my happy place I am multitasking so Alas, I did get everything else done. Yipee now off for eight hours of sleep.

Moving Right Along

Update on my progress, I am moving right along ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today is my 26th wedding anniversary. I had two bouquets of flowers in my happy place, but Richie has been putting roses in my Happy Place every week now for over a month as I makes my happy place even happier. He is off duck hunting today, which is something that makes him happy. I would like to say these past 26 years have been wonderful, but its been a lot of hard work. I like the Richie of today much better, he is more kind, thoughtful than he was 20 years ago, but he still has that angry streak in him that I wish would go away. He lets very few people in, but if your in, you are in. He feels I am the luckiest woman in the world, he does all the cooking and shopping and fixes whatever I need and lets me go on my trips with my friends. And yes I am lucky. He does much more for me than I do for him, though I did birth the two people he loves most in the world!!!!! He is also lucky in that I work hard to support our family and have moved through all the tough times to still say Happy Anniversary. So for all those young couples out there, the grass IS NOT greener and it will get better. Happy Anniversary Richie ♥♥

Sunday, January 23, 2011

so so busy

I have been super super busy and not really enough time to blog. But you will be proud to know my 365 project life is still up to date. Here are two of 250 pics I took of the sutherland twins. I am learning a new editing process soooo it might take me a while. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quick project and lots to do

Got up bright and early at 6 am today ready to hit the day. So much to do. I have a bday party to go to and then run a bunch of errands. I did wrap all the gifts and made custom cupcake cards to go with it, then finished week two of a photoshop brush class. To practice I then made a little cupcake brush thank you card and I love it adding the flourish masking. I hope to finish project yest and today 365 and watch an editing my photo class I bought as well tonight. busy busy. Here is the thank you card!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life is an adventure

Richard went goose hunting this past weekend, a present from me for our 25th anniversary last year. He had a great time and got me my Picture of the Day. But he had a couple of them and I wanted to add more to the story than a little journaling card could hold. So a second picture I added to a 6 x 11 template and journaled the story he told me. I then have some clear 6 x11 page protector that I slipped it in and put in it the binder in the middle of this weeks pics that I am working on. I got the idea from Ali Edwards post of her project life she had today. Ali is very inspiring to me, her clean style fits right into my busy lifestyle. It really helped meeting her personally in Greece. So I plan on trying to incorporate more extras in the book as it is my life, my project life!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365 week two

I am still keeping up daily with project 365 and I can tell you I have never journaled so much in my entire life. This would be great for a busy mom who wants to document there moments with little effort as you really dont need a computer, though I use mine alot for it.

This is what the week looks like in my book.

Fridays pic

Tuesdays pic

Thursdays pic

Wednesday pic

Mondays pic

Sundays pic

Saturdays pic

Really having fun with it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Busy

I had a crazy busy pressured week, I know typical but its starting to wear on me. Friday I had my annual physical exam and it was not very uplifting which validated my feelings that the appointment I made regarding bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the right way to go for me to get my self "balanced" I then went on to our monthly happy hour.

This year I know that time with my friends and family is what will also make me feel balanced. I cant keep working 60 hours a week and feel good. (yes i know i need to exercise some time but first things first) A little time with the girls and yummy food at Cafe med was just what I needed. I then had a scrappin sleepover with my friend Nancy who needs quiet time as she is a busy mom of three. Richard is gone all weekend on a goose hunting trip so I had the house to myself. We stayed up to midnight got up early and got many of the projects Nancy needed to catch up on done. I also kept up my project 365. After Nancy went home Rachel and I went to Target, then PF Chang's and then to see the Disney movie tangled which was SO GOOD!!!!!!! I came home and scrapped two more hours and then had a great night sleep!!!!!!! Today I have more on my plate and probably wont get it all done, but fun is my goal today. Happy Sunday everyone.!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is roaree, he has a wild side and this was my picture of the day. I did not snap it till tonight since I thought with richie hunting today he would provide me with a Picture of the day since he complained last week that I did not use his Goose pic. Of course I told him it was too good of a pic to waist on such a little spot! Roaree gives a little roar after his big mouth yawns. Its such a shock I got him still enough to take a pic, much less two pics!!! I merged them together with a gradient brush. I gotta work more on this gradient thing!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Treasure

I came home last night to find a treasure. A mirrored dresser I saw I home Goods in Valencia for the first time four months ago and then again last week. I had wanted it for my happy place. It was the perfect size and all shiny but alas the bottom drawer mirrored face was smashed. I was so disappointed. Its a little smaller than a regular dresser and would have fit perfect. Well I walk into the house last night and what do I see, the dresser. Richard drove all the way to Valencia and back and bought it for me and took the bottom drawer to the shop to get a new mirror on it. He rarely shocks or surprises me but yesterday he did. Such a sweet act, so unlike his normal personality. I just love it, and yes the flowers came from him too. So this is my picture of the day along with the journaling I printed on the card. (helps to stay caught up when you get up at 4 am!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One Completed

Week one in my project 365 binder is complete and Saturday and Sunday for week two as well, including all the journaling. I kinda have gotten a system down, now lets see if this continues.

Fridays picture was family dinner with a few of the family memembers. That is my Dad, My twin sister lindy, her husband to her right. Rachie, my daughter, Lindys two daughters Savannah and Tori and my sissy Lisa or Foo Foo as I call her or sissy poo. depends.
Saturday night, these three rascals were adorable. This is Anthony (ace), Delaney and Addy, all my great nieces and nephews.
Sundays picture was purrrrrfection. My little baby chipper sleeping in my or should I say his happy place. The evil eye is for me disturbing his sleep by taking a picture.

Hope everyone has a good week!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We had the Ziemke family xmas today at my house. I cooked a full xmas dinner and am tired, but couldn't go to bed without posting my favorite photo of the day. Delaney, my great niece. She is super sweet and loveds to have her photo taken. Love them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today I headed down to LA for an appointment. We left bright and early as we did not know what the weather held for us over the grapevine. There was still plenty of snow from Sundays storm but the sun was rising over the mountains and it was beautiful

Driving in sunny LA with camera in hand. I was trying to catch the palm trees in my window but was difficult.

My appointment was at the Pink Lotus Breast Center. I have had many issues with lumps in my breast with a lumpectomy 10 years ago. I learned long ago that I had to have my care outside of Bakersfield as its never a simple follow up. I had previously been followed at UCLA Revlon breast care center but last year transferred to Dr. K. Funk at Pink Lotus. Love it there and received a great report from my testing today. So that made my day.

From there we headed for an early lunch. Richard is a big fan of Diners Drive ins and Dives and so I picked a spot in downtown LA that is featured on the show and in his book, The Nickel Diner.

I loved the feeling of the place, but unfortunately it has a homeless shelter next door so taking pictures is a challenge.

The front window is cute but very hard to photograph (keeping the homeless out of the shot)

I did not have the maple bacon donut, despite everyones recommendations, its the new year and I am trying to be good. Richie had the BLT below. He said it was yummy.

I had the veggie sandwich with zucchini, eggplant, roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions, mozzarella and pesto. With salad of course. It was soooooooo good.

We took dessert home (not for me) Richard brought home a red velvet donut and I got my sister Lisa a gourmet ding dong!!!

Right above the door as you leave there is this cute saying below.

And one last shot of the front window.
We left sunny downtown LA at 11:30 am and headed to Valencia to stop at home goods for a little retail therapy then headed home. But Alas there was a huge huge wreck on the grapevine and we were stuck at a dead stand still for over an hour. Right next to us was this little beauty. By this time is was 3 pm.
I really contemplated getting out and walking up to the bud light truck and asking the driver for a beer for richie, I was even willing to show him my cancer free ta ta's in exchange. I was desperate, stuck in a car with no cell service with Richie!!!! but alas it started moving and home we arrived. Long day but fun. Now off to dinner with my family, Grandpa won at the casino today so he's buying!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365 continues

My husband came home today with "my picture for today" I looked at him, and I thought (to myself) I already took my "picture of the day" it was roaree helping me make my morning smoothie he said but this one is better.
I guess if killing a goose is better , then it is. Not sure what to do, I like that he has taken interest in my project 365, but not loving the picture LOL

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 365

So this year I have decided to tackle project 365. I have successfully taken a picture a day now for four days LOL.. I know its going to be tuff, but I am not worried if I miss a day here and there, I am just going to enjoy the process and of course If i win the lotto tonight I will have more time to do it. LOL. I opened up my Becky Higgins project 365 amber box today as it came Monday and I have to say I was a little upset as the binder was broken and I was missing eight cards. But I emailed them and hope it will be resolved quickly with a replacement binder as I really want to get it put together so I can stay on top on everything with my busy schedule. I am not sure I will use tons on the stickers and journaling items as I will add digtial frames to pics and do my journaling digitally and print on the cards. But excited.

Day one, a picture of my computer with my iphone near and water glass as I had a hand over mixed with the flu on new years day.

Day 2, January 2, 2011 I took a picture of the mirrored words that I have chosen as my mantra Live Laugh Love. I plan to do all this year. Richie found these while I was standing in line at pier one and I thought it was sweet that he actually knew these were my "mantra" words.

January 3, 2010 I took a picture of my dash when I pulled up to work at rally 5:38 am but I had to take several shots to get the glare off etc in the dark, just showing how early I do go to work.

Day four, January 4, 2011, this is what my kitchen counter looks like at 440 am when I am making myself a latte and feeding both the cats and dogs!!

The one thing I am not going to like about the prefabbed binder pages is that all the 4 x 6 slots are horizontal. So If I have a vertical pic it will have to be smalled and placed in a journaling card slot. But Hey I can print any size so maybe for a whole week I will only put small vertical shots or something or maybe one week I will fill every slot with a pic and no journaling. Who knows. LOL enjoy my photo journey with me, and check out my sister Dede's blog too as she is going to do the journey with me as well with her own kit I bought her for her bday.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Xmas Layout

Got a little scrappin done today. Did the xmas layout and made some New Years Cards to send out for my Dad, he had some people he wanted to send cards to. My goal this year is to stop over doing my layouts and just get them done and printed as Project 365 will be a handful.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A nice shot...

My husband humors my quest to document our memories and takes his camera duck hunting with him. He brought these shots home yesterday afternoon and I said to him BEAUTIFUL!!

see the sky reflecting in the water. Its so amazing for a guy!!!

above it Mike and his dog Daisy

By the way my new blog background is a picture I took on the sly of the sistine chapel. Gorgeous isn't it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

A new Year Starts today, not beginning very well for me, I am a little hung over from a great time at my friend Debbies house mixed with a little flu I think as I hurt all over. Today I start project 365, which involves taking a picture everyday for one full year. I never wanted to take this on in the past as I would frett too much if I missed a day until I read how Ali Edwards handled it and I felt much better. So I am going tackle it along with my sister DeDe. We are using Becky Higgins project life kit. I am sure it will be a creative process even though I am not feeling too creative today....