Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whew I am still here

Wow, I cant believe that I have not blogged in such a long time. My life has been crazy crazy busy. Work, well work is unusually busy, so swamped with no breaks and crazy hours, yes more hours than I usually put in. I have to be honest, since my mom died I just have not been able to take the hustle and intensity the office brings this time of year. I am letting little things bug me more than they should and my feelings get hurt on a daily basis. Not usual for me, I am the strong one remember. Tommy let me get some help so I I could have a couple of days off before Xmas to rejuvenate myself. Taryn came to the rescue and she will be doing it again so I see some relief.

I miss mom allot. She was the first person close to me that has died and while she may not have been a touchy feely kind of mama she loved me and the last three years (she lived with me) she told me everyday that she loved me and I felt it and now that I cant hear her say it I wish I would have said it more to her. I know she knew I loved her. If I didn't say it I showed it. So with all the rain and seeing my dad blue and missing my mom, it makes me miss her more. I know time will make it better.

My day was filled up and I got to spend some time with Candice and her new beautiful boy Benjamin. I of course brought my camera and a Santa cap cause I had to take a picture.
Here is the cutest Santa Baby

Tomorrow its back to work and I am sure it will be super busy as its the last work day before the holiday. I need to straighten up my happy place and it looks like a hurricane blew through. I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and I plan on catching up on blogging this weekend.

PS Happy Hour with the girls tomorrow. YIPEE now I am feeling better!!!!

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Catherine said...

It is Dec 31st already...
Cindy I just want to say what a pleasure it was to meet and spend time with you in Mykonos.
May 2011 be a good year for you and your family.