Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today was a little better for my father and I. A few less tears as we prepare to say goodbye. I have been emailing my sister Lisa back and forth with tidbits, recipes and pictures to include in the program she is making for my moms memorial service Saturday. I am trying to jot down thoughts so I can prepare my eulogy. Here are some funny things that hit me today.

1. My mom always ate at buffets when she and dad went to Vegas. When she left her purse would be filled with things that she gathered (not stole). Cookies, apple an orange. However if I never needed cream cheese I just had to open her frig and there would be 55 packets of cream cheese. Hmmm .... where did those come from.

2. Summer vacations were often spent camping on the Oregon coast. I have fond memories of the cheese factory and getting fresh crab. My dad and mom would sit at the table cracking the crab. I would walk up and say mama can I have some, she would say but you don't like crab just like your sisters. I would say, no I love it, she would say no remember you hate it. I said no mama I love it. She would say dam, now I have to share.

3. My mom went to work very early in the morning while I was still sleeping. We would wake up and head into the kitchen where she always had sliced oranges sprinkled with powder sugar there for my sisters and I. All the white stuff would be cut off and to this day I will only eat a orange if all the white stuff is off.

4. Its my mothers fault that I hate Bell peppers and scallops.

5. I remember as a little girl, my mother would always make my sisters and I soft flannel nightgowns for Christmas. We opened them Xmas eve and wore them for Santa. I would twirl around loving my new nightie.

6. My mom snored so loud, I could lie in the living room and hear her snoring through the wall. That came in handy when you were sneaking in late.

7. My mom laughed so funny. I would just laugh at how she laughed. Today my sister Lisa laughs just like her!

8. My mom loved to play keno. She was so lucky playing her "numbers"

9. She could take two eggs and last nights leftovers and feed a family of 7. To this date I hate leftovers.

10. My mom was so superstitious. If we walked on the other side of a pole with her, she would make us go back say bread and butter and walk on the same side as she did.

11. My mom taught me to knit and sew. She would sew many of our clothes when we were young and made all our prom dresses and even made my wedding gown.

Just a few thoughts. I miss you mama.


TheScrapGirl said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Many prayers to you and your family.

Suzanne said...

What lovely memories of your mother. Find comfort in knowing you did everything just right in making her comfortable in her home with you. The love of a family is a beautiful thing.

Foo said...

Here is a quote I found that made me giggle...remembering mom having so much patience with me. I miss you mommy

"My Mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
- Mark Twain

Stephanie said...

Beautiful memories Cindy! Smiling reading the love I can feel in every word you wrote.