Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hmm where did the week go

Wow, this week pasted so quickly. I last posted Tuesday. This was the first week in our new life. A life that includes my dad as a constant in the house. Since my mothers death we have had to change our routines and this week it began. I went back to work again leaving my men, Richie and Dad home alone. They went grocery shopping and to walmart. Watch TV and puttered around the house. Lindy is here couple days a week and helps with his lunches those days and took him to his doctor appointment. Dad now joins us on our Friday night Mexican food at La Tapatia. He seems to enjoy time with us and all the yummy food he gets to eat now. I make him a fruit smoothie every morning just as I make one for myself and Rachie. He told me he loves them. My mother used to cut up fruit everyday and this is my version. He went to church today on his own and did okay and watched as I made the 30+ thank you cards in my happy place. The animals love the new part of the house they get to roam in as when my mom was alive the animals could not go in their apartmen area but now they can and roaree thinks dads chair is his new bed lol. Tomorrow is bowling night and he can't wait to go with me he said. So tomorrow it starts again. A new routine, a new life for my father, new responsibilities for me and Richard. But its okay. So I leave you now with my a little picture or Roaree or Monster as I call him. He can be a monster but despite how big a PIA he is,, I still love him so.

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

GREAT Roarie pic!!
gosh .... I sooooo identify with your new routine. It's actually more healing for Dad to converse & be in different environments. Sounds like it's off to a good start!!