Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello Mama

This is how my day started. I needed a little help to be able to begin the process of saying goodbye. If my mama saw me to this she would be busting out laughing.

I added my moms photo to the wreath on my front door in memory of her as the reception after the funeral was held at my house.

A photo of my mother from the 50's we think. Dede remembers the dress. She said the collar was red, the lace trim white and the dress was grayish flecked.

The arrangement at the church that held my mothers ashed there in her favorite teapot. My friend Candra arranged the flowers and they were perfect.

She was tucked neatly and securely

I know she is in heaven

Some of the grandkids sitting my grandpa

We did get my dad to laugh a little.

Four of the sisters and my niece Dionna in the middle
We had a beautiful celebration of life and mom, we say Hello not goodbye. I will think of everyday and rest assured I will take care of Daddy.

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

I thought you'd be more relaxed & relieved by now .... but then, if you HAD REALLY drank down the bottle of champagne, you would anyway!!!