Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sex and the city

Wow, what a weekend with two super late nights, lots of Cosmos and good times with good friends.

What I learned is we all need some girl time. To laugh and talk about everything and anything.
My pal Nancy and I started the party Saturday at Cafe Med with a whole group of people including the Villanueva's, The Payne's, Wayne and Don. Now that was some good appetizing!!

I smile at this silly picture of Nancy, Debbie and I that my iPhone took and all the lights cause lens flare. We left cafe med and headed to the Fall Celebration of The Lee's 20 years in Bakersfield party. It was a beautiful setting and we had a great time continuing the laughs and fun even after the party died down.
This is the first of many monthly girls nights out. We all need to put on a sexy top, some lipstick and head out with are best pals for some fun. We had an amazing time and I cant wait to do it again.
However I need to remember that I cant stay up past midnight two nights in a row and then get up and do a photo shoot!!!! I just don't have enough stamina! LOL I hope to show you the pin up girls photo shoot sometime this week. For now I have gotta get some sleep.!!!!

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