Thursday, October 14, 2010

It says it all....

I think I am misunderstood by many many people and I only have a handful of really close friends who truely know me. But I saw this blog surfing and fell in love with it. I guess I have no patience for stupid, insensitive and hurtful people. I put up many walls to keep them out. BUT if your in, your in for life.


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

I think it's typical of how people sometimes perceive a strong personality who happens to be an intelligent perfectionist. Very few people are going to live up to your expectations, but sadest of all .... very few people want to work hard enough to do so. I totally understand & identify with it ... I'm just a little softer around the edges (well let's face it, I'm a little softer all over- haha)

Foo said...

yay! I am one of them & I am in :)

Catherine said...

Virtual hug to you (((((( )))))))
Take care of yourself.
PS...did you see that your photo is on the Cocoa Daisy blog?
your are standing behind Paolo, it is a cute photo