Friday, October 29, 2010

A Favorite Photo

When my moms sudden illness hit me, I was and still am so overwhelmed. I am usually the one who takes care of everything for everyone without a problem. I am stilling doing that today. I am also the person who has her camera handy at all times. I did not take any pictures the first couple of days as I did not want to document or record this event. But now, I see there are things to record. My mothers death is close. I wish I knew how long, but I don't. If you ask me it will be soon, but she is holding on for something or someone, I just don't know who that or what that is... My sister Lisa and I were up most of the night and all day with her today. Lindy leaves late and comes early to take over, but sleep eludes Lisa and I. We are tired, I am tired for my mother. It takes all her energy to breathe. My sister Bev will be here tomorrow and I will have another hand to help us, to take a shift, to support dad. He needs so much support right now.
Today my uncle Eddie came, he is my mothers brother. I have not seen him in 20 years. He looks the same. He held her hand and she said Ohhh Ohhh when she saw him. She smiled. I tell her every hour that I love her. My children come and hold her hand and laugh and tell stories of their Granny. Right now I am counting the minutes till her next medication dose so I can lie down for a bit. But before I go, here is my very FAVORITE photo of my mother and I. It is New Years Day 1965. My mother is BEAUTIFUL and I love how her smile touches her eyes. I love you mama!

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