Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

My daughter Rachel is a huge Eat, Pray, Love fan. She read the book and we saw the movie together. I never ready the book but the movie to me was very inspiring. We all would like to just run away for a year and discover ourselves. Anyway, back to the story. Will we were in Rome Julia Roberts was there for the screening of eat, pray, love. It was just a block from our hotel. Rachel had already requested that we go to Naples for the day to eat pizza at Da Michele this is the spot that Julia Roberts ate Pizza in the movie. I only had my point n shoot camera as I had research Naples before going and it has a lot of pick pockets and crime. I was afraid of getting my good camera stolen. I was right in doing so. Naples is dirty, scary and I did not like it at all, BUT the pizza was good.

So we headed off the train and I had google map directions to the pizzeria. It was about 3/4 of a mile from the train station. We set off and as we got close we were looking for the street signs. Well we didn't need to look at them, just look for the crowd. Wow the ally was full of people.
Rachel pushed her way into the place and got our number!
As you can see our number is 39. They were on number 80!!!!! So two hours later we finally got seated.
They cook all their pizzas in a wood burning oven and only serve two kinds one sauce only(pizza marinara or poor mans pizza) and the margherita pizza which was named after a queen of Italy and it is sauce, mozzarella and basil. Red, white and green like the flag. We had the marghertia pizza with double mozzarella.
The rest of Naples was not worth mentioning, but this was yummy and the cheapest meal I had the entire trip. Thanks Rachel for making us go to Naples just to eat pizza!!!! I guess I did run away for a day.


Catherine said...

Cute story and delightful photos.
I still have not reat the book either and have been told I will enjoy it. Need to get it on my list.
Have you finished MockingJay yet?
When you do you need to tell me what you thought...

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

is Rach's hair naturally wavy?? It looks like the humidity brought it out! Tell her I like the "natural" look. XO