Saturday, September 18, 2010

When in Rome

Ok this is my third attempt at posting. The Internet is not very reliable where I am at. Thus ya only get one picture. I had grand ideas of blogging everyday but with the cost of Internet and how slow it is at my Rome Hotel I decided I would skip a few days and hope to catch up in Greece. Since I could only get one photo uploaded here is one of my favorite of the Colosseum. Gorgeous. We took a tour. It is so hot right now and weather is sunny then cloudy but what causes the most problem in getting any picture is the huge amount of tourists. It is wall to wall tourists here in Rome.
We started at the Vatican City and while I am not catholic, it was so revering. The history, the art, the sculptures. I took tons on pics but alas most of them have someones head or hand or body in the way Ugh was very difficult. The Sistine chapel was breathtaking. St Peters Basilica was beautiful and there was mass being held since it was Wednesday and that in itself was very uplifting. We then had lunch and headed to the Colosseum which was in the afternoon so the lighting was so hard but I managed to
few shots that I love. Its so hard to preview all my pics on my netbook so I am sure I will not appreciate them till I get home. On Thursday we went to Venice. Oh how I loved Venice and I got great pics that I hope to share tomorrow Friday was are free day in Rome and we walked so much as our hop on hop off bus was so bad and i am going to complain to my travel agent. I continue on my mission to try as many gelato flavors as possible. Tiramisu has been my favorite so far. We threw coins in the trevie fountain, saw the pathelon and ate and ate and ate Friday. Thursday was also the eat pray love premier here in Rome and Julia Roberts was here. We are heading out to Naples today just to eat Pizza. I am only taking my point and shoot camera as the crime is bad there and I dont want my camera stolen. I will leave for Greece tomorrow and Rachel to London. I hope Ill have time to blog more but we will see.

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Suzanne said...

Oh Cindy. I know how frustrating uploading photos can be from Europe. I had exactly the same experience when I was there. Spent hours trying to get pictures up without them freezing up my computer and causing me to start over. So maddening! Just enjoy your trip and post when you get home.