Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes your feet say it all!!

Bonjour from my second full day in Paris. If these feet could talk, boy would they tell you a story.

They would tell you they got Cindy Lost today. Thank god for my iphone maps.

They would tell you that they went to the Christian Loubo
utian store today to try on these yummy black simple pumps.

They would have you meet Frances (sounds better in french) who sold Cindy's feet these yummy pumps and would tell you that Frances says if you are taking pictures to blog then you must take the picture of Frances who sold them to you and your feet would see him pose.

You would also see Rachel trying on her dream shoes and contemplating buying them for herself. You would also see my feet agreeing with her when she says, I can take my lunch to work for two month to pay for them as these feet already splurged and was not splurging for two!!!!!!

These feet also have no idea how she walks in those heels!!!!!

And as these feet walked away they turned and did what they do. Stop and take a photo!!!!!!
We are off to rome tomorrow afternoon. I am a little disappointed that I did not get as many photos as I had wanted but its been super crowded and I cant process most of them anyway. But look forward to Italy and all the food I will continue to eat. I did have a delicius macaroon today but it will take too long to upload my pictures so more tomorrow. Au Revior!!


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

Francois (rather than Frances) oooh la-la, sounds like a good day to me!!!

Suzanne said...

Cute post. Tell Rachel that I have those heels in chocolate brown. There's nothing like CL shoes to make a girl feel special - gotta love those red souls. And yes, I take my lunch everyday so I can buy french shoes and handbags!