Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long layover in Athens

Hi there, its Sunday afternoon and I have a four hour layover in Athens. I talked to a couple of people and its not long enough to go anywhere so I am stuck. Whats worse is they do not have my gate posted yest so I cant go sit anywhere so I am standing here typing. There are only eight chairs outside the gate areas and a family of four is sleeping on them. So rude.. I left my baby- rachie at her gate area in Rome as I headed to mine. I hugged her and said texted me when you get to London. She said mom I am 23 years old and lived in England on my own for a year. I will be okay stop worrying. This from a girl who did not even know the address of the friend she is staying with till yesterday Ugh. I would love to upload some pictures of Venice and Naples but it takes way too long so I will have to try and do it later. As I said Venice was beautiful in contrast to Naples which was dirty, ugly and scary. We went there at Rachel's request to eat pizza and Naples is the birthplace of pizza. We went to the place where Julia Roberts ate in eat, pray, love. We waited more than 2 hours for a table. They were on number 80 when we got our number which was 39!! It was good and they only make two kinds of pizza, but I like our American version better. We walked around some and then caught a train an hour earlier than we were supposed to. I didn't even get any gelato. So said. We had to get up early this am as the shuttle was picking us up at 730 am. Once we got to the airport an hour and 15 mins later and got through security I had 45 mins till boarding of my flight and I needed coffee. There are no Starbucks in Italy at all. (sorry dede no cup) So i went to the coffee counter and fought my way thru and was totally ignored. I ordered cappuccino 10 times, ignored. I waved, shouted and used my hands like the Italians do. Still ignored. Finally a gal behind the counter looks at me I say cappuccino. She said go to end and pay. I went to end, fought some more people. Ordered cappuccino. That guy looked at me and just walked away to help another person. In tears I walked away. All I wanted was some coffee. Geez. Now as I sit here I am in serious need of coffee and somewhere to sit. Ugh. SO I am sure they will post my gate and I will be able to get coffee and I can see through the glass and there is coffee in ENGLISH. lol. Well I am looking forward to the Greece leg of my trip and meeting my roomie Catherine and of course Karen Russell and Ali Edwards. I will try to post but I will have to see how the Internet is.. Ta Ta for now.


Foo said...

Aww poor sissy! love you

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

YIKES!!!!!!!!! what a madhouse ... it's for sure that ITALY is not on my bucket list now. Cannot stand rude people. There is no excuse. There is no respect. There is ..... AMERICA!!