Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Two

Hi There its Tuesday in Greece. There is a 10 hour difference in the time from home. I am having a good time. Beow is my room mate Catherine Aguilara on the left. Emily from cocoa dasiey and me of course out by the pool for cocktail hour last night. It was super duper hot yesterday boy. The pool is freezing cold though. Our day was taken up all day with Karen Russells class. Now I am pretty enamoured by her. However since I have taken her online class its pretty much all review What I did learn though is that she never turns her camera off as it goes to sleep and does not waste the battery and she never uses a lens cap as all her lens have filters. Why so she does not have to power up and take the lens cap off to get that quick candid shot!!!!!!

I spend a good deal of time just talking with Karen and we shot off this shot. I have enjoyed it alot.

I guess this shot below can be considered candid!!!!!!

I took a little longer lunch today as I had to do payroll for the office and the internet was giving me grief. But just finished and I am off now to take Ali's class. I have had some time to chat with her as well. I havent gotten a picture yet cause so many people want her pic but I will get one tonight I hope Jenni Bowlin is so sweet and southern Really like her as well. Well all for now. Tomorrow is our walking tour of greece with Karen. So we will see how that goes as she admits she shoots people not landscapes.


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

love the one at cocktail hour. a trio of blonds!! can't wait to hear about your walking tour!! YOU & I could have a company together .... get this ....

The Princess & the "C" (get it??)

Suzanne said...

Maybe it's just the cocktails, but you look rested. I understand the thinking behind the lens cap, but the turning off your camera needs explanation. Does she have an auto shut off? Looking forward to your pictures.