Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Four in Mykonos

Hello there from mykonos. We have been busy and I have had on the most part a great fabulous time. Lots and lots of one and one time with the instructors outside of class wheich has been so much fun. Two nights ago I had a rough time and big time insomnia. But last night I took a sleeping pill and was zonked out. Ali Edwards is a kick and we got along famously talking about all kinds of stuff. We kinda look alike too. LOL. One of the pics below involved alchohol can you tell which????

Anyhow she taught a scrapbooking on the road book and mines is half done. I hope to finish it before I leave but not sure if I will have time. We are having so much fun and went to Delos today. ( both karen and I got sea sick). Tonight is dinner with the instructors. I had dinner last night with jenni bowlin and her husband. They are super cool and loved Bako when they were there. I have taken thousands of photos and cant wait to go home and look at them all. Well gotta take a little siesta before another workshop and dinner with all the instructors. Ta Ta for now.

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Suzanne said...

I've been thinking of you, wishing I was there. I'm just so happy for you!! Glad it's going well. You guys could be sisters.