Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am alive, barely

I did get home safe and sound sunday night and went right off to work Monday am without much sleep and totally jet lagged and screwed up time wise. Work has been crazy crazy busy and I have not had time to do anything but sleep and work. Sooooo I hope to be blogging and posting pics by sunday Okey Dokey!!!! ta ta for now

Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye Greece

Tonight was our last Greece sunset. This is one of my favorite pics of the entire trip. I really like the reflection. I leave early in the morning for London to meet rachel for a day then back to the good USA. I am ready. Im tired but I had the most fabulous trip!!!!!!!!! I have so many pics to process and I cant wait. See ya soon.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Its sstill Fabulous

Day five was a full day. Last night we had dinner with the instructors and Ali sat across from me. It was a blast. Ali said I gave her an idea or inspirtion and that she liked me!!!!!! That was soooooo cool. Karen is the bomb, girl next door and I feel like we have been friends for years. We all walked back together and had a super fun time. Today is packed full then off early am to meet rachie in London for the day.

Day Four in Mykonos

Hello there from mykonos. We have been busy and I have had on the most part a great fabulous time. Lots and lots of one and one time with the instructors outside of class wheich has been so much fun. Two nights ago I had a rough time and big time insomnia. But last night I took a sleeping pill and was zonked out. Ali Edwards is a kick and we got along famously talking about all kinds of stuff. We kinda look alike too. LOL. One of the pics below involved alchohol can you tell which????

Anyhow she taught a scrapbooking on the road book and mines is half done. I hope to finish it before I leave but not sure if I will have time. We are having so much fun and went to Delos today. ( both karen and I got sea sick). Tonight is dinner with the instructors. I had dinner last night with jenni bowlin and her husband. They are super cool and loved Bako when they were there. I have taken thousands of photos and cant wait to go home and look at them all. Well gotta take a little siesta before another workshop and dinner with all the instructors. Ta Ta for now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Two

Hi There its Tuesday in Greece. There is a 10 hour difference in the time from home. I am having a good time. Beow is my room mate Catherine Aguilara on the left. Emily from cocoa dasiey and me of course out by the pool for cocktail hour last night. It was super duper hot yesterday boy. The pool is freezing cold though. Our day was taken up all day with Karen Russells class. Now I am pretty enamoured by her. However since I have taken her online class its pretty much all review What I did learn though is that she never turns her camera off as it goes to sleep and does not waste the battery and she never uses a lens cap as all her lens have filters. Why so she does not have to power up and take the lens cap off to get that quick candid shot!!!!!!

I spend a good deal of time just talking with Karen and we shot off this shot. I have enjoyed it alot.

I guess this shot below can be considered candid!!!!!!

I took a little longer lunch today as I had to do payroll for the office and the internet was giving me grief. But just finished and I am off now to take Ali's class. I have had some time to chat with her as well. I havent gotten a picture yet cause so many people want her pic but I will get one tonight I hope Jenni Bowlin is so sweet and southern Really like her as well. Well all for now. Tomorrow is our walking tour of greece with Karen. So we will see how that goes as she admits she shoots people not landscapes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello from Greece

Hello from mykonos. This island is so BEAUTIFUL. Its also so hot and we have to walk up a million gazillion steps to get from the pool to our room. So that means I can continue to eat!!! I met Karen Russell and she is FABULOUS along with Ali Edwards. They said they are here for us and anything we need so I am going to get some one on one time to answer some questions. My room mate Catherine is Super and we are having a great time. Today we will head into town after class. More later....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long layover in Athens

Hi there, its Sunday afternoon and I have a four hour layover in Athens. I talked to a couple of people and its not long enough to go anywhere so I am stuck. Whats worse is they do not have my gate posted yest so I cant go sit anywhere so I am standing here typing. There are only eight chairs outside the gate areas and a family of four is sleeping on them. So rude.. I left my baby- rachie at her gate area in Rome as I headed to mine. I hugged her and said texted me when you get to London. She said mom I am 23 years old and lived in England on my own for a year. I will be okay stop worrying. This from a girl who did not even know the address of the friend she is staying with till yesterday Ugh. I would love to upload some pictures of Venice and Naples but it takes way too long so I will have to try and do it later. As I said Venice was beautiful in contrast to Naples which was dirty, ugly and scary. We went there at Rachel's request to eat pizza and Naples is the birthplace of pizza. We went to the place where Julia Roberts ate in eat, pray, love. We waited more than 2 hours for a table. They were on number 80 when we got our number which was 39!! It was good and they only make two kinds of pizza, but I like our American version better. We walked around some and then caught a train an hour earlier than we were supposed to. I didn't even get any gelato. So said. We had to get up early this am as the shuttle was picking us up at 730 am. Once we got to the airport an hour and 15 mins later and got through security I had 45 mins till boarding of my flight and I needed coffee. There are no Starbucks in Italy at all. (sorry dede no cup) So i went to the coffee counter and fought my way thru and was totally ignored. I ordered cappuccino 10 times, ignored. I waved, shouted and used my hands like the Italians do. Still ignored. Finally a gal behind the counter looks at me I say cappuccino. She said go to end and pay. I went to end, fought some more people. Ordered cappuccino. That guy looked at me and just walked away to help another person. In tears I walked away. All I wanted was some coffee. Geez. Now as I sit here I am in serious need of coffee and somewhere to sit. Ugh. SO I am sure they will post my gate and I will be able to get coffee and I can see through the glass and there is coffee in ENGLISH. lol. Well I am looking forward to the Greece leg of my trip and meeting my roomie Catherine and of course Karen Russell and Ali Edwards. I will try to post but I will have to see how the Internet is.. Ta Ta for now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When in Rome

Ok this is my third attempt at posting. The Internet is not very reliable where I am at. Thus ya only get one picture. I had grand ideas of blogging everyday but with the cost of Internet and how slow it is at my Rome Hotel I decided I would skip a few days and hope to catch up in Greece. Since I could only get one photo uploaded here is one of my favorite of the Colosseum. Gorgeous. We took a tour. It is so hot right now and weather is sunny then cloudy but what causes the most problem in getting any picture is the huge amount of tourists. It is wall to wall tourists here in Rome.
We started at the Vatican City and while I am not catholic, it was so revering. The history, the art, the sculptures. I took tons on pics but alas most of them have someones head or hand or body in the way Ugh was very difficult. The Sistine chapel was breathtaking. St Peters Basilica was beautiful and there was mass being held since it was Wednesday and that in itself was very uplifting. We then had lunch and headed to the Colosseum which was in the afternoon so the lighting was so hard but I managed to
few shots that I love. Its so hard to preview all my pics on my netbook so I am sure I will not appreciate them till I get home. On Thursday we went to Venice. Oh how I loved Venice and I got great pics that I hope to share tomorrow Friday was are free day in Rome and we walked so much as our hop on hop off bus was so bad and i am going to complain to my travel agent. I continue on my mission to try as many gelato flavors as possible. Tiramisu has been my favorite so far. We threw coins in the trevie fountain, saw the pathelon and ate and ate and ate Friday. Thursday was also the eat pray love premier here in Rome and Julia Roberts was here. We are heading out to Naples today just to eat Pizza. I am only taking my point and shoot camera as the crime is bad there and I dont want my camera stolen. I will leave for Greece tomorrow and Rachel to London. I hope Ill have time to blog more but we will see.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes your feet say it all!!

Bonjour from my second full day in Paris. If these feet could talk, boy would they tell you a story.

They would tell you they got Cindy Lost today. Thank god for my iphone maps.

They would tell you that they went to the Christian Loubo
utian store today to try on these yummy black simple pumps.

They would have you meet Frances (sounds better in french) who sold Cindy's feet these yummy pumps and would tell you that Frances says if you are taking pictures to blog then you must take the picture of Frances who sold them to you and your feet would see him pose.

You would also see Rachel trying on her dream shoes and contemplating buying them for herself. You would also see my feet agreeing with her when she says, I can take my lunch to work for two month to pay for them as these feet already splurged and was not splurging for two!!!!!!

These feet also have no idea how she walks in those heels!!!!!

And as these feet walked away they turned and did what they do. Stop and take a photo!!!!!!
We are off to rome tomorrow afternoon. I am a little disappointed that I did not get as many photos as I had wanted but its been super crowded and I cant process most of them anyway. But look forward to Italy and all the food I will continue to eat. I did have a delicius macaroon today but it will take too long to upload my pictures so more tomorrow. Au Revior!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, monday what day is it????

Hello from Paris. First off it feels like Sunday but its Monday AM go figure, I am all screwed up time wise One thing on this trip I have found out, my little netbook, while great to check email and store my pics. I cannot process them well. I usually shoot in the RAW ( no not naked silly). This file type lets me be able to edit them more. HOWEVER I need either photoshop or lightroom to do so as they have to be converted to JPEGS after I am done Well it takes too long on this little computer to do so So today here are a few of our room and the Paris flea market. We also took a boat ride on the Seine and some photos of Notre Dame but alas I cannot process those right now I like the hotel I am staying at "hotel lotti" My room has a chandelier so what not to like. Its raining a little but not too bad and tomorrow we head to Rome. Today I am on a mission to eat the best macaroon in Paris (since it was closed yesterday) and do a little shopping. However after paying 10 euros (15 dollars ) for a coke last night, not sure I have much left for shopping LOL. I guess that's why god created the credit card!!! Well all for now. I am going to try to take some pics in the jpeg format today so I can share. Below are pics from the flea market and our room.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


From Paris. I have been up for more than 24 hours and have lost a day but I am here. Got the internet working and we are heading out for dinner then to bed for some needed shut eye I cannot sleep on a plane with all the anxiety that turbulance gives me. Ugh. Tomorrow Paris Flea Markets here I come. Expect tons of pictures!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am off!

Well today is the day. I will work a couple of hours in the wea hours of the am then off to LAX. Thursday did not go as I planned with an unexpected computer crash which stole four hours out of my day, I had to rush through the rest of the day, snipping off anyone that got in my way. Not a way to leave the office, but what can I say... sometimes ya just have to leave and thats what I am doing. I am sure all the issues will be there when I return. For now, I am packed and ready or not here I come.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One more day

I am still packed, I did not reopen my suitcase, my hair is done, my nails and toes will be done in two hours, got my new glasses, Euros are in my wallet but what is not done? WORK!! I have so much more work to do and not enough time to get it done. Ugh. I have had to babysit my other half, my work husband so to speak, so much this week it has left me with very little time. So today I am going to be a hurricane and blow through it all. I am only working a couple hours tomorrow, early am before anyone arrives so I can finish up any loose ends before I get bombarded with questions. So as I sip my yummy latte, happy inside that I maintained my 12 pound weight loss (little yellow bikini here I come) and I look forward to my FABULOUS trip to Europe with my beautiful, thoughtful, sweet daughter Rachie. I have warned her that I am going to take so many pictures of her in every nook and cranny that she is going to hate my camera when when get home LOL. So Ciao for now. I plan on blogging with pics every couple of days so I can take you on my journey with me!!!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I am Ready-four days to go!!!!

Plus I had time to start a photoshop brush class which is why my layout looks so fabulous!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where has the time gone

Wow, almost a week since I posted. I have been super busy with family visiting over the weekend and putting together all the last minute things for my Europe trip I leave in nine days sooooo this weekend will be full of packing and organizing, charging of computers and cameras and of course getting really super excited. Work has been over all very less stressful since I changed my availability. Well gotta get back to it. Have a super Wednesday