Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Meltdown

I had a mini meltdown today.... My close friends, which are few and far between are probably sitting here reading this saying "its been a long time coming". My sisters are thinking I told you so and I am just thinking "I'm done". I guess to protect privacy I cant tell the whole story, but its no secret that I give 150% to my job, especially time, attention and complete attention to one particular person. In doing so, I take away time, energy, effort, love for myself. I am constantly working from 5:30am and to 6 pm minimum, with no real lunch break, no time when I am not working. I try everything in my power to make things run smoothly. Lately I can't seem to do anything right and I hear about it in one form or another. After the word "suffer" was uttered today I flipped. I have been suffering for weeks now. I got so angry I packed up and left the office and went home. Ya I know not the most professional thing to do, but hey I had already put six hours in so I needed lunch. I took a five hour lunch. There was a call, an apology, another apology when I went back to work. But this time its not making me feel better. Maybe I am just stressed knowing I will be gone for two weeks and trying so hard to get everyone ready for this. Maybe I am tired of hearing I'm sorry. Who knows. I guess tomorrow is "another day" or I will think about it tomorrow as Scarlett O'Hara said. Oh Sigh I could go on and on . . . Now is some me time.


TheScrapGirl said...

Oh no...hang in there!

Suzanne said...

I'm so sorry Cindy. Do hang in there a few more days until your trip. You'll have a completely different view of your life from Italy, France and Greece. There family and friends are #1 at all costs. Work is way down the list of importance. I think you may gain a new perspective on your life while you're away and certainly work will have a clearer picture of your roll there. For today, just keep your eye on that trip of a lifetime that's just around the corner. (((hugs)))

Salai said...

I am glad you went home!!! You so need this vacation that is coming up!! HAve fun and close your eyes until you get there