Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am a little behind . . .

I am a little behind on my blogging these days, seems I have only been able to blog on Sunday. I guess working 50 to 60 hours a week has something to do with it and its too hard to blog on my iphone. So I guess I will just have to catch ya up.

On monday I got my new glasses in the mail from my sis. The new rx has whats called a slab off which is placed on my good left eye. Long story, but I had RK about 15 yrs ago and my right eye was over corrected. As I aged that got worse. Sooooo my right eye is bad my left eye is ok, which causes problems as we age thus needing a slab off. BUT i cant tolerate the slab off. I tried to for five days. It causes me to see double when I get to a certain point, and this seeing double caused me to fall down the stairs at work. Ugh. So back to the eye doc next week and I have to get a another pair of glasses before I go to Europe!!! So I will be begging my sis I think.

I started tanning again this past week with Rachie in prep for Paris, Rome and Greece. I do not want to burn when I am lying by the pool in Greece. Of course not tanning my face, cant get anymore wrinkles lol.

A new NP started at the practice this week. I am hoping this will help with my extreme workload I have been carrying since February and I hope I can get into my work happy place one afternoon a week starting real soon.

Heather and her mom came Saturday afternoon to scrap in my home happy place. It was tons of fun even thou I have no pictures to show you. Richie cooked us a very nice dinner and it was nice to have a few cocktails with the girls.

Today Candice, Rachel and i went as say eat pray love. Both Candice and Rachie have read the book, I have not. I loved the movie and it made me super excited to get to Rome. I am going to start brushing up on my Italian!!!!

Well I have finished paying bills, UGH, worked on the 25 baby shower invites I am doing for my pal Debbie and watched Elizabeth on DVD this afternoon. Overall a very nice weekend. I so wish I had more time to just veg but its really not in my nature, but pretty soon I will be off for a two week holiday. I just cant wait.

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