Thursday, August 26, 2010

A much Better Day

Yesterday was a much better day, if fact one of the best days I have had in months. For one thing, I did not wear my work uniform. I was announcing(at least in my mind) I am the administrator, not the every job, everything, every person -Person today. I cleaned off the RN desk and moved back to my office and stayed there for the most part except when I needed to round with Tom. What a difference. I made myself less assessable which helped me a great deal. I just cant be everywhere, doing everything like I have since Taryn left. I am sure that the pressure of me being gone for over two weeks in two weeks was the trigger for my meltdown. But everyone in that office depends on me so much, and I am not sure everyone realizes all the crap I put up with so they do not have too or really how much work I really do. Part of that is my fault as I can do a hundred things at once and make it look so easy. I delegate little and take it on myself. Well I am no longer going to do that, let someone else worry about it. I need to protect my sanity right now. So here is to another "better day"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Meltdown

I had a mini meltdown today.... My close friends, which are few and far between are probably sitting here reading this saying "its been a long time coming". My sisters are thinking I told you so and I am just thinking "I'm done". I guess to protect privacy I cant tell the whole story, but its no secret that I give 150% to my job, especially time, attention and complete attention to one particular person. In doing so, I take away time, energy, effort, love for myself. I am constantly working from 5:30am and to 6 pm minimum, with no real lunch break, no time when I am not working. I try everything in my power to make things run smoothly. Lately I can't seem to do anything right and I hear about it in one form or another. After the word "suffer" was uttered today I flipped. I have been suffering for weeks now. I got so angry I packed up and left the office and went home. Ya I know not the most professional thing to do, but hey I had already put six hours in so I needed lunch. I took a five hour lunch. There was a call, an apology, another apology when I went back to work. But this time its not making me feel better. Maybe I am just stressed knowing I will be gone for two weeks and trying so hard to get everyone ready for this. Maybe I am tired of hearing I'm sorry. Who knows. I guess tomorrow is "another day" or I will think about it tomorrow as Scarlett O'Hara said. Oh Sigh I could go on and on . . . Now is some me time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another week gone by..

Well this week was super busy and stressful at work. Why, I wish I knew. I thought I was finally gonna get a break with the new NP starting couple weeks ago, but I guess next week will be the week :). Tom had said I could go into my happy place Friday afternoon as a reward for all of my hard work that week. I literally walked in there and ten minutes later he walks in and says I need your help rounding at SJH. I looked at him and he was serious. Geez, so much for feeling happy!!!

I did get some time in my home happy place with Nancy Sutherland Saturday. We spent the morning making a pennant banner for two birthday layouts. I did not take a pic, so unlike me, but take my word on it, they were so stinking stinking cute. I am on a mission to make some more. We then spent the afternoon making cards and gossiping. It was just what the doctor ordered. I have very few friends who I don't work with, and girls need to gossip, then need to complain and they need to drink wine. My sis DeDe popped in for a short visit and its always super to see her. I vow when I return from Europe, I need to spend more time with my friends and family. This morning I was woken up early, 5:30 am for gods sake, so I got up and did a quick layout of a extra pic from Heather, my sons girlfriend from his 25th birthday wine tasting in Paso Robles. I loved how it turned out, and I love the pink and orange. Which is really strange for me as I am not a big orange fan.

So this week will be full of appointments everyday after work in prep for leaving for Europe in 2 1/2 weeks. So I better get busy working on whats left to be done such as train tickets to Venice, Animal babysitting calendar for my parents and a trip calendar for Richie. Enjoy the pics. Ta Ta for now

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am a little behind . . .

I am a little behind on my blogging these days, seems I have only been able to blog on Sunday. I guess working 50 to 60 hours a week has something to do with it and its too hard to blog on my iphone. So I guess I will just have to catch ya up.

On monday I got my new glasses in the mail from my sis. The new rx has whats called a slab off which is placed on my good left eye. Long story, but I had RK about 15 yrs ago and my right eye was over corrected. As I aged that got worse. Sooooo my right eye is bad my left eye is ok, which causes problems as we age thus needing a slab off. BUT i cant tolerate the slab off. I tried to for five days. It causes me to see double when I get to a certain point, and this seeing double caused me to fall down the stairs at work. Ugh. So back to the eye doc next week and I have to get a another pair of glasses before I go to Europe!!! So I will be begging my sis I think.

I started tanning again this past week with Rachie in prep for Paris, Rome and Greece. I do not want to burn when I am lying by the pool in Greece. Of course not tanning my face, cant get anymore wrinkles lol.

A new NP started at the practice this week. I am hoping this will help with my extreme workload I have been carrying since February and I hope I can get into my work happy place one afternoon a week starting real soon.

Heather and her mom came Saturday afternoon to scrap in my home happy place. It was tons of fun even thou I have no pictures to show you. Richie cooked us a very nice dinner and it was nice to have a few cocktails with the girls.

Today Candice, Rachel and i went as say eat pray love. Both Candice and Rachie have read the book, I have not. I loved the movie and it made me super excited to get to Rome. I am going to start brushing up on my Italian!!!!

Well I have finished paying bills, UGH, worked on the 25 baby shower invites I am doing for my pal Debbie and watched Elizabeth on DVD this afternoon. Overall a very nice weekend. I so wish I had more time to just veg but its really not in my nature, but pretty soon I will be off for a two week holiday. I just cant wait.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekends, ya gotta love them

If you work Monday through Friday like I do, and worse 12 to 14 hours per day, the weekend is like a vacation. I never have enough time and at times I just sit in my room, pull out my kindle and waste hours reading and enjoying the quiet. No phones, no patients, no employees just me and my thoughts.. It's bliss. My goal for this weekend was to work in my happy place and that is what I did. I organized, I played with my electronics and I did a couple of layouts. One was of Nancy and the twins, a picture I took. I loved how Nancy surrounded the girls and the fact that

I captured the moment with little felicity peaking up at me. I converted it to black and white as the colors distracted me from the moment, the feelings I felt when I looked at it. I wanted the moment to spill onto the page and I am really happy with the results.

I was going to work on another layout of the twins, but when i went to sit down, Roaree was in my chair. He loves my happy place. I think at times he thinks its his happy place too. And when he settles in, he is not moving. So I snapped a couple of shots, as that's all he will give me and put this layout together that I was inspired to do from a layout I saw on the web.

Tonight I will be having dinner with both of my FABULOUS children as well as Heather. Its going to be a perfect end to my weekend vacation. Thank you happy place!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wow, thanks God

Its Friday and I am so glade. Work has been a bear, I still have a cough, but started antibiotics finally as 2 1/2 weeks is long enough to wait. I am tired and have a huge to do list. So This weekend I hope to enjoy gourmet club, time with Rachel and most of all TIME IN MY HAPPY PLACE. Stay tuned . . . .

Monday, August 2, 2010


In just under six weeks I will be heading out for my European Adventure

My first stop will be Paris, where I will spend a couple of days combing through many flea markets as well as snapping shots of everyday Paris. Oh la la. I am so excited.

From there we will head to Rome for five days. I am so excited to see all the sites. While I am not that religious, I am really excited to see the Vatican City, especially the Sistine chapel and Rachel who is my travel buddy can't wait to throw a coin into the trevie fountain. I plan on taking cue from julia roberts and eat my way through Rome, trying every kind of pizza and tasting all the different flavors of gelato. Oh I cant wait. Since Rachel and I are super fans of the movie dangerous beauty, we decided to take a day trip to Venice, I can see it through my camera already.

And my last stop will be the island of Mykonos Greece. Rachel will fly to London while I am in Greece attending a scrapbooking getaway with the likes of Ali Edwards, Karen Russell and Jenny Bowlin. The main draw for the getaway for me is Karen Russell and the walking tour of the island I booked with her. I am going to pick her brains about photography and I have been an avid fan since I took her photography workshop. Oh I am so excited and meeting Ali is a dream come true. I love her style and love that she does digital and paper scrapbooking. Jenny Bowlin's vintage style always catches my eye as well.
I will meet up with Rachie for a day in London before flying home again. !6 days gone, wow what is the office gonna do? I am going to have a FABULOUS time, I just know it. I haven't been this excited in a very long time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cutie Patootie's

This weekend was busy with so many things, but I spent the afternoon having tea with the Sutherland Twins and tried out my new camera. Wow those two do not sit still for a second, no wonder Nancy is so fit!! Here are a few of my favorites. To me the are so different. But through the lens Felicity looks a lot like Trinity. Felicity loves to talk talk talk while Charity steps back and looks at things. Enjoy the shots. I had so much fun doing them. But definitely need much more practice!!