Saturday, July 17, 2010

What we do...

I woke up to an unexpected call this am. I had a day full of plans and unfortunately my sister Lindy needed a chauffeur for Tori to Fresno. I guess you cannot ride the train alone if you are under 15. Well while my hubby Richie does not understand I have a hard time saying no to those I love, which only involves a select few. So I jumped up, through on some clothes and off we went. But of course Richie had to come along and make a comment about the situation every five minutes. We met up with Tori's friends family, headed back. We stopped and saw Nana, who once again refused to get up and see us and had some lunch. So I did not have the day I planned but oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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Catherine said...

Oh the best laid plans...LOL
How lucky your family is to have you and your kind heart.