Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday in Review

Saturday was busy busy busy with gourmet club hosted at my house. Of course BBQ by Richard was the main course. I work too much so not a lot of time for preparation. So the centerpiece was just a topairy I had around and I stuck sunflowers into it. The little bird is one I had, I love birds that stick on things. Originally it was in my happy place, but there is not enough light in their for the plant to live.

Some yummy italian snackies!

And I got to show off how my happy place is coming along. I am loving this space its very inspirational.

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Catherine said...

Yummy, looks beautiful and delish. I used to belong to a gourmet food group but now no one I knows loves to cook. Bummer

Your room is looking wonderful. Filled with lovlies, sweet.