Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been a little busy

I have been quit busy with work and such. This weekend my sissy poo= Lisa came to Bako for a visit. It's was a great weekend. We stopped by my great nephews first soccer game, had a awesome foot massage, a FABULOUS dinner prepared by Richie and early morning coffee with my sissy then Toy Story three with Garrett and Heather. So for once in a very long time, I had a great weekend. So now I am off to get my new iphone customized to my liking and watch some recorded shows on TV. Here are a couple of pics from the weekend along with a couple of Trinity Rose Sutherland prior to her dance rehearsal thursday night.


Suzanne said...

So glad you had a good weekend. Your photos are great. Especially love the ones of Trinity. She looks just like her mommy - so pretty!

Catherine said...

Glad you had a nice week end. Hope you are re energized and ready for a new day.

Did you say iPhone? I got one in December, do you have the new one that is just being released???


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

the pics of Trinity are beautiful!!! wonderful angles