Monday, May 24, 2010

We all need a little splash!

My life is so hectic these days with my load at work. The weekends are not long enough and I never seem to get everything done. But this weekend I met someone who sees the joy in everything she does. Her name is Emmie.

She is a little girl who I believe has downs syndrome. I was watching my son play baseball Sunday morning and she couldn't help running and jumping in the puddle right in front of my chair. Her mom says, Emmie, stop that your splashing the lady. But every time she ran by she splashed and a big bright smile came across her face.
Just the simple act of splashing made her soooo happy. So this week I hope to find a little puddle to splash in, the bring a little joy or smile into my day. We all could use a little splash!


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

if life brings you rain .... find a puddle to splash in!! sounds like a good mantra to me. SEND me a pic of our purple cadillac when you download your little cam pics. LUV YOU!!

Catherine said...

Oh the magic of youth...delightful.
Happy you captured the moment.

Can yu believe it, June is just around the corner? We are getting closer and closer to Greece : )