Monday, May 3, 2010

Holy Cow!

Hello from Chicago. Arrived here Saturday late afternoon after a little bumpy flight, which makes me maniac. I know I am a pretty tough cookie, but turbulence makes me so maniac i cant stand it, I feel so out of control!!!!!!!!!!

Once we arrive on Michigan Avenue to the Westin, we headed out for a little walk and some dinner. And when I say dinner, I mean a drink, French kiss martini which was Fabulous.

We then headed in for some shut eye and got up early today. We walked around downtown and stumbled onto a little neighborhood breakfast place that looked so good called TEMPO. This was my yummy morning glory breakfast.

We then headed to Wrigley Field for a CUBS game. It was a lot of fun, with a LOT of FANS!!! I am only disappointed that I could not get very many good pics of this old stadium as there were just too many people, too crowded and no tours during our visit I found my sister Lisa and her gal Becca's brink at Wrigley Field.
I tried a chicago Dog while I was at the ballpark. I forgot to take a picture so there is a bite missing, and no I did not add peppers as I hate peppers.

We headed out and met up with a couple of my friends who are cardiology administrators on the east coast (this is why I am in Chicago) and we headed to Ditka's steak house for dinner.

What was cool was Mike Ditka was there and I really wanted to ask him for a picture for Richie, but alas, he was with a group of friends and I thought it would be rude to interrupt.

Today I will be in my conference all day and Richie will be going on a walk about with my camera. We will see what he turns off. TaTa for now.

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Foo said...

Awesome!!!! You saw our brick before we did!!!