Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well this will be for life, Oh Sigh

This is my new accessory!
I have been battling what I though was a form of carpal tunnel. However was involving my ulner nerve. I have had injections, bone scans, MRI. This past week I went to a hand specialist when my previous physicians follow up was seriously lacking and communication had broken down.

What I have learned is it in no carpal tunnel but what looks like chronic tendinitis. Thus prevention and modification is what the treatment is and worst off RESTING of my right hand when its hurting.

Everyone knows how much I work and how much I play, sooooooo this is a real bummer. Prophylactic motrin prior to weekend scrappin will be a must and I must always wear this "accessory" when using the mouse. So I guess its a small price to pay for having fun. Now if only I could cut my work hours (typing and writing) then I would not have to cut my Happy Place Hours!!!!!


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

then find a way !!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like mine :o( I am wearing it at 50% right now, with motrin on long scraps/computer days. PIA that's for sure.

foo said...

looks sexy! I think you should embelish it!

Catherine said...

Oh, so sorry. Tendonitis is not fun but it does usually go away :)
Great photo, are you going to make a scrapbook
You asked wheat kind of scanner I is a fairly cheap printer HP Photosmart C4500 series. It is my backup printer because I also have a Epson Stylus R8100 12 x 12
But I think one of the reasons my photos look the way they do it that I also use actions on them. If you want more info let me know.
Enjoy the weekend

Suzanne said...

We need to add some fabric roses and some bling. Hey, whatever makes it feel better. My hands used to hurt so bad I could hardly stand it and hand massages killed me but now they don't hurt at all so there is hope.

Teresa said...

You need to find one in leopard!!