Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh technology... be still my heart (forget the checkbook)

No one would be surprised that I love technology. I am a computer geeket and love getting new toys. This weekend I entered the world of video calling.

I skyped my daughter Rachel who lives in Long Beach and then got my sister The princess skyping. Its so much fun to see each other and now that I know my rachie will be living away from bako, it makes me feel that much better. I originally looked into it so that when i am in Europe in September for 16days I would have a way to see Richard as he will have a tough time with me gone for so long.

So I encourage everyone to start skyping!!!! Its so free and easy. I plan on getting my sissy Foo Foo and camera and installing it when I am there in may!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

nMy friends are skyping here from France. They can even talk to their dog! Great technology!