Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My little baby's new bed

As I have posted before, my new digital happy place is currently under construction and my hubby is buy putting all my wants together. The room was previous an office (junk room) and my little bitty kitty, Chipper's special place. In preparation of sharing it with Mama, I bought him a new hot pink bed cause I needed a touch of pink and thought this would be perfect. It came a couple days ago and I put it on a little table by the window (the new blinds are not here yet so the old ones are up cause Richie says I walk around the house naked too much!) I put my little baby in it and he jumped right out. Well today Richard walked in there and he was appreciating his new little bed. And best yet, Richard took a picture so I could "do something scrappy with it". So I am super happy he is going to like his new little place in my new Digital Happy Place!!!!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

It probably was the color. You know how guys are with pink. I think the key here is to keep the blinds closed. I doubt that Chipper will want the neighborhood animals to see him in a pink bed! (You know how they talk).