Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Word

On Ali Edwards Blog today she posted this picture below:

This word art was made at Wordle, which I posted about last year here.

One word 2010 is her theme this year and her word is LIVE. My word is INSPIRE. I bet my friend Suzanne's word would be ENCOURAGE. So many people inspire me, in fact items inspire me such as the Sharri's Berries that I had today. It inspired me not to eat any more sweets today, but was reassured one chocolate covered strawberry is only 110 calories. So stop on over to Ali's blog and read some comments. Think of your word and work to use it throughout the year. TWENTY TEN is going to be GREAT!

Tomorrow I start teaching a Photoshop elements for beginners class at Simply Scrapbooks. This will be a stepping stone into my hybrid class I hope. I plan to have it as an open forum with questions and answers of "how to" instead of do this this and this and your done with your layout. Have to see how it goes with this type of format.

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

at the moment my word is persevere. but I hope that will change soon. XO