Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Hunting

My husband loves to hunt and spent the past few days quail and duck hunting. His best friend Mike along at his side. Our dog Chole (coal) and Mikes dog Daisy have become fast friends with chole taking on the mothering role, snipping when she is tired of playing (typical woman). Richard always takes pics for me and loves to give me suggestions on titles.

This layout is of Daisy last weekend when everything seemed to click and off she went fetching her own ducks all by herself. I can't tell who is more proud listening to Richard, he takes this uncle thing seriously. There is a story behind the title that I wont bore you with, but needless to say, in our house and Daisy's, dogs are more than dogs, they are companions, best friends and FAMILY!!!!
This layout is the start of my goal to 52 inspirations. To do one layout a week for the whole year using Sue Cummings kit. It will jump start my year I think and help me tell more stories about myself I hope. I plan to incorporate this theme in some of my digital classes this year.
This is this past weekends quail and duck hunting. Hunting is so natural for a lab and reminds me that I too perform a few things that come natural.

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