Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its a Golden Day

Today marks my 25th Wedding Anniversary. Wow quite a milestone for us. I sat down to write our love story and realize I don't have a big mussy lovey dovey story to tell. But the success of our union is a story in itself.

Richard and I met when I was nineteen and he was 31. I was going to college with plans to become a nurse. He was a successful contractor and owned his own home and plane. I was waitressing my way through college and he would come in every afternoon for coffee with his buddies. Soon I noticed he would come in for dinner once or twice a week. What was funny is my twin sister Lindy and I worked together and she walked over to Richard and said "my sister thinks your cute". How childish. But one night he asked me out. We started dating and he was not a needy guy. That was real hard for me to get used too and several years later I learned why, which is another story. Anyway we dated for nine months and decided to move in together. I would be lying if I didn't say I had big reservations, but thought I would give it a try. Well fate changed my life that day and I became pregnant. I was so conflicted but we decided to get married, and I thought that it was the right thing to do.

Once Richard committed to becoming a husband and father there was no going back. We had two beautiful children Garrett our oldest and Rachel ,our baby, two years later. I finished nursing school and started work. Richard was a hands on father and I could hardly pluck Garrett away from him. He made his work schedule work around what our children needed. He gave up everything for himself so that our children would have everything. He never missed a practice, game recital or cheerleading competition. Even though he was a very intense father, his kids came out as successful, intelligent, responsible adults knowing that their parents, especially their father, loved them unconditionally. He allowed me to travel with my friends while he stayed home a babysat the kids. When work was slow for him, he took over mother and father role while I worked three jobs. He was the first to praise me to anyone who would listen.

Once the children left for college, Richard took over all the cooking and grocery shopping. He cooks all our meals and spoils me by bringing me dinner every night and fixing leftovers for me for lunch the next day. He always cooks enough so Tommy and Candice have lunch too. He hasn't worked steady since may and now comes by to fix things at the office or to put gas in my car or just bring me a drink since he knows how hard I work. He continues to take care of me after all the crazy things I do to myself and encourages me to do the things I love like scrapbooking and photography. He supports my trip to Greece later this year and does not complain when I add a week to Italy to the trip. He still is not a needy guy and I probably don't tell him Thank You enough for all that he does for me. I am really spoiled.

Now Richards still is a little rough around the edges and if you really know him, you see right through that, but in the end he does need me and loves me more than he will ever admit.

So while we were never or have been crazy in love, we do love each other and I appreciate him more every day. So here's to 25 years


candra said...

Happy Anniversary Cindy and Richard! (and I love Richard;) Thanks for taking care of my friend Cindy!)

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary! Richard is the perfect compliment to you Cindy. He lets you be you - not intimidated by your strength. Richard and Bill are a lot alike - both supportive and loyal. You are a lucky girl!

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

Not too many people know Richie much better than I (after YOU of course)- since me was a father figure to my sons for a long while since I also lived with you guys for a while too. He may have some rough edges, but he's near mush on the inside. He just wants to be appreciated. I have to say that I REALLY love you the way you have written about him for the past few times- it does show a new appreciation for him. He may have been a LOUD father- but there is no doubt it was rooted in love!!! Congrats sis! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

rhester said...

what a besutiful love story. Thank you for sharing. I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary. love you both.