Friday, January 22, 2010


Wow, finally Friday. Been a tuff week for me this week. Recovering from my little lipo procedure while working sure has been hard. More pain than I expected, and I feel like a sausage stuffed into this compression garment. But I did it to myself so enough complaining.

Next week should be a little better with my sidekick heading off to Japan. Its nice to get a break. Tuesday will mark Richard and I's 25th wedding anniversary. WOW, can't believe we made this landmark. We will be heading to LA for my post-op appointment and lunch at one of the "dives" he has seen on his favorite show Diner's Drive-ins and Dives. A full report will follow. I have a long list of things I have to get done next week, so this weekend I hope to get some rest and relaxation. But may be kinda hard since we are hosting Nana's bday lunch tomorrow and I have to start getting my bedroom ready to paint as well. Oh well no rest for the Wicked!!! Happy Weekend.

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Salai said...

Oh!!! I love that show...Let us know how it goes!! My friend Nikki is going on a road trip for her 40th Birthday.. They are headed to 5 of the diners,drive thru or dives!! How fun!! Congrats on 25-years!! That is accomplishment for sure...Hope you pain is gone soon...You will be one hot MaMa.:):)