Monday, January 11, 2010


Saturday night was Nancy's fabulous and forty b-day party. While I am not allowed t post any unauthorized pics here are a few that I know are okay. We had a great time, and Richie is so disappointed that the stripper pole is not my next profession!!!

I guess I have to keep practicing!!


Suzanne said...

Whoa baby! Happy birthday Nancy!

Catherine said...

Wow...looks like everyone had fun :)

Congrats on your class, is Simply Scrapbook your LSS? Good luck.

Also could you email me, I am not quite sure where I put your addy...I know I have it somewhere but having just arrived home after two months am somewhat disorgazined.
Was thinking we could set up a little project or something fun to share with each other in our journed of getting to know each other. Oh have you been to the cocoa daisy forum? There is a Mykonos section...woo hoo