Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week in Recap

Well as with everyone, this past week has been sooooooo busy. Work is just out of control and trying to fit in time with friends, appointments, wrapping gifts (i have wrap rage), begging Heather and anyone else who will listen to wrap my gifts, shopping for last minute gifts, finishing one last gift ...... I just had no time to blog. So here is a little recap!

1. Got my little sexy car one week ago. She is a dream to drive and love love love it.

2. Wednesday was our Xmas potluck at work. I brought a turkey to cook in the rotisserie. I have done this six or seven times before. I dragged it up the stairs with all the other stuff, wrapped it with twin etc and loaded it in the set it and forget it. I left a note for Taryn to start it at 8:30 am. Well at 9 am I get a frantic call the turkey is having issues. Well I forgot to mention that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Wednesday so this just was my straw! Tommy said don't worry I will tie it up. I said with what? I have no more twine. He said with 3.0 silk!

Yes Tommy stitched the turkey wings to the body. (inset Oh Sigh here) Soooo funny. Alas it worked for one hour then started giving me grief again, so I stopped it and we had KFC.

3. Richard hunts every weekend. Duck hunts. The ducks have been slow this year so he went to the club late Saturday am this week. He was rewarded with a HUGE GOOSE. It was 3 ft long and I know I will have another taxidermy nick nak soon (insert Oh Sigh here)

4. Saturday was the second annual Banducci Santa Party. Now I did not know a sole there really and had no kids. So I sat there with kids screaming all around, wondering why am I here? Its what bff's do for each other. Santa was great, candy cane making great and fun was had by all.

Today I will finish a couple of gifts (digital book) and I have to get a new alarm clock and best of all my RACHIE is coming home today and Richie is cooking king crab legs yum yum!

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Suzanne said...

Tom stitching up that turkey is so funny! Sorry it didn't work out but KFC is always good in a pinch. Great Santa. Hope your Christmas is merry and your gifts all get wrapped.