Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wheww what a whirlwind

This weekend has been so busy. Friday after work started with Pizza with my sister Lisa, we like to call her Foo Foo. Rachie was home from Long Beach as well and it was a nice dinner together after a long day at work.

Saturday was jammed packed busy with the day starting with cleaning out Nana's garage (richard's mom), then off for preparation for Garrett's housewarming party. Richard has been shopping, chopping and preparing the feast all week!!!! Boy was it a lot of work, but the housewarming was so nice, everyone had a good time, I drank a little too much sangria but was so worth it.

Today started off with a brunch with my family. My nephew Jason Buchanan came for a visit. There is a longer blog post for todays visit that will continue on tomorrows post. Needless to say I am pooped and need another few days of rest.

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Suzanne said...

Great pictures Cindy. Looks like everyone had a great time and your lashes are fabulous!