Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Time Out

I had a time out today, as my friend Candra calls it, in my HAPPY PLACE. Please do not be jealous, but I have to admit I am spoiled. I have a scrap room in my office and while my boss has his reasons (that i am there for his every need), I get to spend an afternoon a week in there. Today was the day. I had fun doing a school layout for my pal Candice Banducci. This is claires 4 yr old preschool pic. I used the Cocoa Daisy October kit and love how it turned out. I used film strip ribbon by Tim Holtz which was a challange, but love the look of it. I sewed the three butterflies on the right to the page with much distress. After reading my manual etc for a hour, I gave up. I am going to beg my friend Suzanne for a little one on one time when I am off the week after thanksgiving so maybe I can get to sewing on my layouts and loving the result. I hope you enjoy.


Suzanne said...

You're getting a Time Out Cindy - Go to your room. Sweeter words were never spoken. Of course I'd love to help you with your machine just say when!

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

NOW ..... start working on 2 afternoons a week. that's almost perf :o) good use of your "time out" young lady!