Friday, November 6, 2009

A special Weekend

Finally it is Friday. This was a long week, thank god I got some Happy Place Time!!! My sister Lisa is coming in today from San Diego and my sister DeDe is coming in from Pismo tomorrow for Garrett's housewarming party. Richard has been cooking, shopping and prepping all week. Thank god he is doing all that. I will be working on the Sangria tonight, and probably sampling :). Tomorrow will be a rush of activity, with cleaning out Nana's garage and doing some last minute shopping for the party. I reassured my son and his girlfriend that I will be at the house by 4 pm to set up.

My main goal is to get a family photo taken at the house warming for my Xmas card, hope I can get that fit in! Sunday is going to be busy meeting my nephew that I have not seen in 3o yrs along with whipping up brunch, so wish me luck.

Also pop on over to Blue Moon Scrapbooking, they have all the new Prima flowers and you know how I love Prima Flowers!!! I have to get the new jeweled centers, they look FABULOUS!!!

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THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

your sister coming from San Diego - your sister coming from Pismo Beach ...... do you suppose that anyone wonders what the heck you are doing in Bakerspatch? haha