Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, but today is Thanksgiving part 2. Our family always celebrates twice. Once on thursday and again on Saturday. Thus I am up making cornbread for stuffing and preparing breakfast for my family from out of town.

(pictures wont load today)

Thursday started pretty uneventful. Woke up, washed my face, took my thyroid med and off to get busy. I sat down at my computer to look up a recipe and I was sooooo dizzy. I said to myself why am I so dizzy, maybe I need to eat something! I stagger in the kitchen and said no its not low blood sugar. I am sooooooooooo tired and dizzy. Then Boom it hit me, the pill i took this morning was pink, not white. OH MY GOD, I took a sleeping pill. I turn around and richie says whats wrong? I told him, he looked at my like I was a complete idiot and I just said, I have to go back to bed. So back I went for an hour (its all I had to spare) then back to the kitchen to cook. While Richie does the majority of the cooking here at the Welch's, I do most of the holiday cooking. Plus Nana was coming from the home for thanksgiving and I needed all my wits about me as I had to drive her back home to visalia later that night. Needless to say, it all worked out but unfortunately I wasn't sleep to get any sleep that night. Ugh. Here's a few pics of my dishes. Now while the composition are not great, the food tasted marvelous.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Monday

Back to work after a wasted weekend of being down with the flu. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped since the flu bug hit, but did get a couple of digital books done for xmas. Wish I could show ya the finished product, but that would spoil the surprise.

I did get a little maintenance today and maybe I will show you the before and after pics in a couple of days, we will see!

Work this week is so busy as per usual with the holiday coming fast. I am off on vacation next week and heading to vegas with my bud Debbie on Sunday. We will do some shoppin, knitting, scrappin and taking in a show all in two days., Whew, then home for a full week. More to come, Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Flu really is a waste of my time

I was so excited to get to play in my happy place Saturday. I was meeting a friend to help her with some digital thank you cards and I was going to whip out my xmas cards. Well, I woke up Saturday feeling a Little RAW. I thought, its just cause I haven't really slept good in weeks. Well went down hill from there. At noon, I broke up the party and headed home with few, aches and headache. After some meds, and back to bed I feel a little better today. I have so much to do that the flu is really a waste of my precious TIME!!

I am fully drugged up now and hope I can get a little something done today!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow, can't hardly wait

Yesterday was a pretty spectacular day. We had our monthly lunch at work. This month, Richie did all the cookin. We had Basque food and a deep fried turkey. Oh he cooked for three days and everyone loved loved loved it. I was so swamped with clinic that I did not get in to take any pictures :(. Needless to say, I am still amazed how giving Richard can be. It was a big task and he did it all by himself.

I started working on my xmas cards last night after getting everything put together for my last calendar class I am teaching tonight at Simply Scrapbooks. Ran into a couple of snags but found the right combo and looking forward to working on them this Saturday with my pal Nancy Sutherland. Well off to my hair and nail appointments. Have a good day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where have I been

I have been tied to work, tied to my computer finishing up both a ton of patient stuff and a digital book for an xmas present Wish I could share both, but one would be a HIPPA violation and the other would ruin an xmas present. Hope to share a cute pregnancy album I am working on later in the week. Take care

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Friday

It's finally friday and I could not be happier. I hope to work on my Christmas Card this weekend and finish a couple of digital books that are pending. My wrist is still somewhat sore, but the steriods are starting to kick in and I hope it means I am on the mend. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is veterans day and I am very thankful of all the men and women, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who serve this country, which in turn keeps us safe. No matter my beliefs regarding war, there is no excuse not to thank the men and woman of the armed forces today. I do feel we are so wrapped up in ourselves, the economy and what we need to do next that we never give a second thought to who keeps us safe. Those who risk their lives everyday so I can live free. So today, I shout THANK YOU! Thank you to those who have fought in the past, in the present, during wartime and not. I am so GRATEFUL. God bless and be safe.
And I also want to encourage everyone to make a donation to the USO this holiday season. My husbands asks everyone to donate to the USO in place of buying a gift. A $25.00 donation sends $50.00 worth of items to a solider. Its something simple that means alot.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Uncle Rickies Diner and Daycare

My life is at times quite entertaining. My husband has not worked since May. Thus he spends his days doing this and that. He had already previously done all the grocery shopping and cooking since the kids went away to college (yes I know how lucky I am). Now he is starting to get bored. Last week he brought me roses that were green, so everyone would be green with envy, then he cooked prime rib on a Monday night and here is the latest adventure. Daycare.

I was sitting last night typing my blog post when out of the blue he said I think I should babysit some of the girls at work kids to earn money. I watched our kids when you worked all night, it will be a piece of cake. A baby and couple toddlers and I am set. I stopped typing and said WHAT? He said I want to start babysitting, and since I cook so good, they can pay extra to take dinner home with them when they pick up their kids! I said right, uncle Rickie's diner and daycare! I just started laughing and he said I am serious! Where did my husband go? He doesn't like kids? I said you are going to watch 3 kids 5 days a week? He said yes I can do it. Thus I have not heard the end of it. The latest comment is that there will be a uniform on Wednesdays. I said what uniform. He said camo. They need camo clothes and the baby will need a camo car seat so on Wednesday when we are duck hunting (nature lesson), they will blend in. He will supply the little headsets to protect their ears. I said where will they sit, he said in the blind with me, I can't let them wander around like the dog! I can just picture this scenario. Of course my nurse Taryn is pregnant with a girl due in march. Richie says, pink camo is okay!

I am sure I will keep you posted on this scenario, as it will be quite entertaining. But as I finish up the post, he is talking again about turning Rachel's room into a nursery?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday Brunch

After the late night Saturday, I was up early cooking brunch for my family. The special occasion was meeting my nephew Jason and his lovely wife Sharmin and their beautiful daughter Delaney. Jason's father is my half brother Steve and his mother was my brothers second wife. Steve died 29 years ago in a military airplane crash There was some family drama prior to his death and afterward that really does not need rehashing, and for various reasons we lost touch with Jason. I have wondered about him off and on over the years. He was a baby the first and last time I had met him and I was just starting high school. The emotions going through the family at the time have been suppressed for me. I remember my mother being very upset, crying over what had happened and i dealt with it, by not going to the funeral. At the time I did not know the details, but felt if it made my mom cry then they were wrong!

Today it seems not to be as important, but I feel somehow I should have tried to contact Jason sooner. I love my family and they are very important to me and for this I am sorry. However meeting them was the bomb!! Jason found us via facebook. He found his fathers obituary and started looking up the Ziemke name. My sister Lisa still has the Ziemke name and they hooked up and long story short, Jason found us, whether he knew what he was getting into if still left to be found out LOL!

Brunch Sunday was Fabulous and when I look at Jason, his eyes look back and I can see my brother! We talked and of course I took pictures. I can't wait to see them again! So here's a few of the pics. I hope you love looking at them as much as I did.

Here is Jason, Sharmin and Delaney

Jason and my sister Foo Foo (lisa)
Jason and DeDe(the princess)

Jason and my other two nephews Terry and Chris, DeDe's boys
Jason and myself

Jason and his Granny and Grandpa

My twin sister linday, Savannah and Tori sorry about the closed eyes Tori!)

DeDe, Jason and foo foo poking in the picture!
Heres to many more Days like this!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wheww what a whirlwind

This weekend has been so busy. Friday after work started with Pizza with my sister Lisa, we like to call her Foo Foo. Rachie was home from Long Beach as well and it was a nice dinner together after a long day at work.

Saturday was jammed packed busy with the day starting with cleaning out Nana's garage (richard's mom), then off for preparation for Garrett's housewarming party. Richard has been shopping, chopping and preparing the feast all week!!!! Boy was it a lot of work, but the housewarming was so nice, everyone had a good time, I drank a little too much sangria but was so worth it.

Today started off with a brunch with my family. My nephew Jason Buchanan came for a visit. There is a longer blog post for todays visit that will continue on tomorrows post. Needless to say I am pooped and need another few days of rest.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A special Weekend

Finally it is Friday. This was a long week, thank god I got some Happy Place Time!!! My sister Lisa is coming in today from San Diego and my sister DeDe is coming in from Pismo tomorrow for Garrett's housewarming party. Richard has been cooking, shopping and prepping all week. Thank god he is doing all that. I will be working on the Sangria tonight, and probably sampling :). Tomorrow will be a rush of activity, with cleaning out Nana's garage and doing some last minute shopping for the party. I reassured my son and his girlfriend that I will be at the house by 4 pm to set up.

My main goal is to get a family photo taken at the house warming for my Xmas card, hope I can get that fit in! Sunday is going to be busy meeting my nephew that I have not seen in 3o yrs along with whipping up brunch, so wish me luck.

Also pop on over to Blue Moon Scrapbooking, they have all the new Prima flowers and you know how I love Prima Flowers!!! I have to get the new jeweled centers, they look FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Time Out

I had a time out today, as my friend Candra calls it, in my HAPPY PLACE. Please do not be jealous, but I have to admit I am spoiled. I have a scrap room in my office and while my boss has his reasons (that i am there for his every need), I get to spend an afternoon a week in there. Today was the day. I had fun doing a school layout for my pal Candice Banducci. This is claires 4 yr old preschool pic. I used the Cocoa Daisy October kit and love how it turned out. I used film strip ribbon by Tim Holtz which was a challange, but love the look of it. I sewed the three butterflies on the right to the page with much distress. After reading my manual etc for a hour, I gave up. I am going to beg my friend Suzanne for a little one on one time when I am off the week after thanksgiving so maybe I can get to sewing on my layouts and loving the result. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HERB BENHAM: After we were finished, life raised our children -

A week ago, my husband set the paper down on my laptop. This usually means he wants me to read what it on the front. Below is the article, which sums up our feelings regarding our son Garrett. He just bought a new home and is moving into a new chapter in his life. The words described our thoughts perfectly. I just wanted to share them with you.

HERB BENHAM: After we were finished, life raised our children -

I made the plunge

I made the plunge this weekend to FACEBOOK. I am told, it will give me more exposure. Well what I really need is more time. Have taken a break for a week or so due to wrist pain but will be right back in the thick of things soon. So as I navigate a new technical site, I hope to share it with ya. Today's lesson is linking my blog with facebook!!!!
Cindy Welch

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Happy Tuesday

Monday, November 2, 2009


I hate monday. Once again I will complain I need another day of the weekend. Only a little scrappin done due to wrist pain. Kinda just vegged, when I should have gotten ready for the next weekends house warming and garage cleaning and meeting a new family member. Ugh. Work was the usual. Off to get something done. Hope all has a great monday.