Sunday, October 4, 2009

I need another day

Each Sunday, my first thought is I need another day off. I need more time. Work is so busy and stressful everyday and by the time Friday gets here I am exhausted. Saturday is full of errands which leaves me only Sunday for fun. I have to admit, i leave my housewife duties slackin so I can scrap. This weekend I headed to the coast to pick up the folks from their house sitting duties. Richard went with me. That should have been the first clue that it was not going to go as I planned. We left to come home at 830 this am to "beat the traffic" Let me translate for you "to get home to watch the race" Ugh. So off I went to Michaels to get some page protectors and then to target to get him a shirt for the wedding next weekend. I hurried out to Walmart to get cat food and sun screen and BAMB i backed into a little mazda car that I could not see. Now my day, my week was ruined.

Came home and put a couple layouts together and now I feel a teeny tiny bit better. But as I look around the mess, which my unemployed hubby says is my crap, I just want to drown myself. Well in 10 days I will be able to drown myself in Pina Coladas and Hawaiian water, so I guess I will just have to try and keep it together till then.

Here are the couple of layouts I did for a challenge at Designer Digitals. And I did have time to make a new fall blog background out of pumplkin pic I took adding some textures and blending them. I hope you like!


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Love your blogs new fall look. So sorry your weekend didn't go as planned. Sounds like Richard is in the dog house. I can totally relate to a weekend gone wrong. There is always next weekend.

Nancy said...

Yeah! Love the bridge layouts and Nanc will too!