Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fresh picked and Pumpkins Galore!

Back to Pismo to pick up the folks. I made richard stop at Avila Beach Barn for some pumpkin pickin and picture taking. Fun time for all and we bought some "baseball" pumpkins for Garretts new home!

I have used this Kelly Mize Digital Template a 1000 times and love it. In 15 minutes I had two layouts with a total of 20 pics scrapped!!! Now I am off to McClintocks to have a yummy lemon drop and dinner with my hubby and parents. Yum Yum


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

simply gorgeous my dear !!!

candra said...

I kinda hate you right now....actually I hate someone else for making me work when I was supposed to be there with you. UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

super cute layouts!! love the photographs! what the heck is a baseball pumpkin? oh, I guess i'll find out in 5 days :-)