Monday, October 12, 2009

A day from hell, then some pics

Today was a day from hell! Got home really late from a wedding out of town then up at 4 am for work. Which started with two sick calls and I am covering research this week as well. Thus I did three persons job today plus mine Ugh. Needless to say I am not all the way packed for Hawaii and have to teach tomorrow night my monthly class and try to reschedule my planned waxing and manicure appts to fit in the research pts I am now covering. Ugh. I will leave ya with couple of wedding pics. I have to say Wolf Lakes in Fresno is gorgeous and my pics do not do it justice

And you can't tell this is her DADDY!


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

pictures are great.
pack a T
a pair of shorts
a sundress
a nightie
a swim suit
a pair of undies
a pair of flip-flops
a toothbrush & paste
a hair brush
a book
a hat
sunscreen, deoderant, meds & lip gloss. (and half of those you could buy here anyway) SEE YA SOON.

candra said...

pictures look lovely...hope tomorrow is better for you;)

Nancy said...

Cindy, I hope you have a wonderfully amazing, relaxing, sandy and romantic trip. Wait, is Ritchie going? I don't even know - so scratch that. You know what I mean. Rock it in Hawaii and have a FAT piece of Hula pie for me. And maybe one of those cheap mai tais everyone serves. Love those too. And maybe a cabana boy. Oh no, scratch that too!

Tell your sissie I tried to love on her fur babies, but they are so difficult! Unless you have wet food in hand, then you can bribe for some love...