Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day Four

Yesterday started with Starbucks that my sister Lindy went down the street to get.

For some reason Starbucks tastes different in Maui! Maybe its the scenery!!

After breakfast, off went went to Lahina for some shopping. Our first stop was Hula Girls Ice Cream for a yummy cookie ice cream sandwich. I was assured there were no calories in this!!

After this we headed down Front Street with Rachel's mission: rose gold and silver toe rings like her Mama's

Mission accomplished and we headed for the car. It was stinkin Hot and muggy and while I love my sister Lindy to death, she does love to look in every store!!

Next on the agenda for LINDY was Maui brewing company. She LOVES BEER!

I hate beer!! It tastes yucky. So the closest you see me to it is this:

Root beer!!
Between Lindy and Rachel, they sampled four different kinds of beer. Our next stop was suppose to be cliff divers at black rock, but it started raining and the heat just zapped me, thus we headed back to the condo for a little nap, a little mai tai, a dip in the jacuzzi, dinner and bed (oops I did work and do payroll somewhere in there). Today we have no plans and I think I am going to stay at the condo and scrap all day while feeling the ocean breeze, the birds chirpin and a little rest. The day may end with ride up into the upcountry for a little adventure and rainbow picture taking.

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