Friday, October 16, 2009


Ahhhhh, finally a slower pace, peace and a little bit of quiet. I traveled to Maui yesterday with Rachie, my twin sister Lindy and two of her daughters, Tori and Savannah. It was a pretty uneventful trip (if you forget the park and fly parking). We landed in Maui and were greeted by my sister DeDe (Princess) and her hubby Ken (captain). Lei's were given and the girls just loved them.

We are here to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. There is a long story about how they met, but the short version is I brought DeDe to Hawaii with my kids as I needed her to take my son back early. She met Ken and now they live happily ever after. I am sure every morning when she wakes up to her Happy Life, she thinks of me LOL!!

So the celebration started with a couple of Mai Tai's Ken makes a really yummy one with a dark rum float MMMMMMM!

Off the love birds went for their anniversary dinner. I snapped a couple of picks of the happy couple and her new Hawaiian engagements ring. Ladies I tell ya, Ken treats her so well it makes everyone jealous!! But I am glad I played a part in their destiny and am so glad she is sooooo happy. That makes me happy!

Well since I am still on California time, I am up at 350 am so I guess I will have to scrap a couple of hours. Oh sigh :) Goal today read and book on the beach and take some pics.


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

You so deserve this R&R time! Your pictures are great. See if you can get the Mai Tai recipe. Enjoy your time together!

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

YOU ARE DEFINATELY thought of on a REGULAR basis sissy ... XOXOXOX This anniv is especially special with you here :o)

Salai said...

Looks like so much fun...Sisters are forever. I am glad you guys are having fun!!! Drink a Mai Tai for me..Love to you and the big island