Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week in summary

Well this has been a busy week. While Tommy was out of town, I still had bunches to do. Work never ends for me. On Friday I had a colonoscopy and all went well. Nothing bad found and hopefully I can move forward with figuring out my IBS. The prep was brutal!!!!!!! I had a house full of family Friday night and Richie made his baked spaghetti. It was yummy for sure especially since I had not eaten in two days!! Saturday dawned to a day of scrappin. I spent half a day with Nancy Sutherland and Nancy Carr and the second half with Heather and her mom. Heather is my son, Garrett's girlfriend. I did not get much personal scrappin done, but did help along my friends which brings me a lot of fun.

Today we looked at some houses with my son Garrett, who we are helping locate a house before the November 31st deadline! gotta get some of that government incentive money, since I have paid so much into them!!!! I think we found the winner today and we will all keep our fingers crossed. Afterwards Richie and I went to see him mother who we moved to a dementia home one month ago. She seems to like her place and they are treating her well. No change in her mental status but I didn't expect any. Thus conversation was minimum.
I will leave you with a couple of photo collages of my Vegas trip. This week will be super swamped and not sure if I will get back to the blog anytime soon. Have a happy week.

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