Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suzanne is Fabulous

Had little surprise today, that made my week. It is a special blankie made by Suzanne Zinng. She owns strawberry patches and she has the most gorgeous fabrics, ribbons and all kinds of fun things. I love Love this blankie. I have already had to shoo away my little zoey lou. Her little brown eyes stared back at me and I almost gave in, But alas all this yummy softness is for me!!

Now I am off with my blankie to my new sleep number bed for a restful slumber


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

No, you are fabulous and thoughtful and a great friend to so many. Glad you like it although it might be a bit warm for this time of year. Enjoy! And if Zoey Lou wants her own just let me know and I'll whip her up one of her very own (without the choking hazard of those little balls).

Nancy said...

Oh Cindy, that is fabulous! You deserve it. I am so glad she made that for you.