Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She blows my mind

There are only a handful of people I look up to professionally. But this woman blew my mind the first time I met her.

Her name is Cheryl Ange and we get together once a year at the annual CSCA meeting. This year it was held in Seattle. It was quite different this year as many of our colleagues were not there. I always look forward to seeing Cheryl. She is who I want to be when I grow up professionally. Alas I fear I will never get there. She is funny, well spoken, confident and just plan groovy! She seems to excel in all that she does and I fear with the change in the economy we will drift away, just as our colleagues have.

When I found this Seattle skyline brush tonight, I new instantly who I wanted to record. I record my life with scrapbooking. Thus forever, those who look through these pages, will stop on this layout and see a woman who has impacted me more than anyone will every know. She leads by example and I am glad to call her my friend. She truly BLOWS MY MIND!

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Nancy said...

Nice layout Cindy. It's great to see someone who inspires you in real life, since you give to so many others.