Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh So Pretty

I was super excited to shoot fireworks last night. Since photography and scrapbooking are my obsessions, I could not wait to take some firework pics this year. I studied online on how to do it, got a few tips from my pal Candra and off I went. My friend Nancy Carr invited myself and my bud Nancy to watch the fireworks from her house. We walked onto the green at Stockdale Country Club and layed out a blanket and watched all the pretty colors. Richard gave me a tripod and I set mind mind to taking some pics.

Here is the first one I shot (well really the third, but my lens cap was on for the first two, silly me)

And here are my other favorites.

Lastly I took a pic of cutie Trinity with her mom Nancy, boy I see the resemblance here.


THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

TOTALLY awesome sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

candra said...

VERY good!!! but you always do that,so...;)