Sunday, July 12, 2009

Appreciation Day

Today is my twin sisters 45th birthday and the 15 year anniversary of my 30th birthday (ugh). I stopped having birthdays 15 years ago and now have appreciation days. Today I am appreciating my sister.

Lindy (sow as we call her) is truly my other half. Polar opposites about everything, but strong and united when it come to each other. She is a GREAT MOM, and fabulous sister, and a person you would always want on your side. Happy Birthday SOW. (yes we are cindy lou and lindy sue, parents are really funny. She spelt her middle name sow when we were little and the nickname stuck)

Well I am off now to appreciate some pomegranate martini's, and my favorite item in the house (no not the shower massage) MY LAPTOP!

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