Sunday, June 21, 2009

What crazy things we do

For me the work week is crazy busy and I have very few spare minutes. I fill those spare minutes usually teaching digital scrapbooking. This past week I taught my hybrid 101 class at Simply Scrapbooks. Afterwards I had a YUMMY margarita with some friends.

You would never believe the talk around this table! We probably would make sailors blush.

Yesterday the same friends came over for some more digital time with Cindy. I enjoyed helping them learn to push their creative minds with digital scrapbooking. As always my husband cooked us a very yummy yummy dinner and dessert. Its one of the perks of scrappin at Cindy's house!
My bud Candra stopped by as well and it gave her and I time to come up with a beautiful caper for a friend of ours Suzanne Zingg. She owns strawberry patches and last week someone stole her planters. So being the "bandits" that we are we decided to steal away and replace them. While they may not be as grand as her original ones, they are filled with love (and bricks too) so they are going nowhere.!!!

For a laugh we sent her an anonymous email quoting " you have been hit by the BEAUTIFUL BANDITS.

Well I think she figured it out right away, Our reflection in the photo didn't help, but is was a gag anyway. Had a great time. I had to stop and wipe the drool from my mouth as I was looking at all the pretty ribbon and fabric through the windows but alas they were closed so I still have money in my wallet (lol).

For the record, no martinis were consumed in the planning of this caper, but I hope one will be shared soon with Suzanne as she is an inspiration everyday. Candra and I just wanted to make her laugh!!


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

I KNEW IT! So where's my photo of what you left me? I hope the planters are still there in the morning. Anyway, how sweet! I love that you spent your precious day off making me smile!! You girls are the best!

candra said...

It was super fun!!!!! I will be a bandit anytime!