Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today he is .....

It's been a long week and the pain and suffering is over. My father in law Van Hughes died peacefully with his family around him yesterday at 11:33 am. As those who know me well, know I have been fighting to get him home and without pain earlier in the week. Since Thursday he has been home and comfortable with Hospice. I elected to use Odyssey Hospice, which I had never had experience with as they offered crisis nursing. Let me tell you that was a God send for me. She helped me understand the medication administration better, was there for two days straight allowing me to go to work on Friday and Richard and Diane to prepare for death. That was a huge relief for me.

I was with him Friday night and again on Saturday. Yesterday morning I new death would be this weekend. But was so shocked when he did a nose dive so quickly in a matter of minutes. My daughter Rachel and my niece Rebbecca were 30 minutes away and I tried with all my might to keep Van alive so they could say goodbye, but I failed at that.

Garrett, my son, came rushing in, he leaned over and said Grandpa I'm here, Garrett's here. Right then Van took his last breath and passed away. That hit Garrett pretty hard, but I know Van heard him and he was at peace. The girls were okay and I know Van knew we loved him.

Today I am at the task of finding a pic for the obituary and Rachel has volunteered to write it. Today I will remember and know that I helped him leave this world without pain, knowing he was loved.

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Nancy said...

You showed courage and dedication to Van and your family during his illness. You were available and knowledgeable and forceful. I would be honored to have you advocate for me in such circumstances. Take care of yourself this week. You deserve a break.