Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sweet Day

Today is pre-mothers day and we started the festivities early. Foo Foo is here. Not only is it mothers day, but ,my Dads 85th birthday weekend. Love this shot of Foo Foo and my dad.

I have a twin sister, Lindy. Yes Cindy Lou and Lindy Sue, but we call her Sow.

Her daughter tori is really a mini Cindy. She is super creative, loves to sew and scrap, but she also loves to hunt and fish. I am trying to convince her that the Hilton is much better than a campground but shes still young.

In honor of mothers day, I dragged my mom and sisters out for a picture. They are used to me insisting on pictures.

Rachie came home and we had some fun with rose petals.

With some smiling and hugging and some great food from Richie, this pre-mothers day was the bomb! And of course martini's were flowing.
Tomorrow my house will be full with the rest of the family. More pics to follow for sure.

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